Death as a Salesman Documentary and Book

Brian Johnson and Philip Nitschke

Brian Johnston meets the media with “Dr. Death,” Philip Nitschke of Australia. Both men were attending the trial of Lesley Martin in Wanganui, New Zealand in 2004. The trial was seen as a showpiece for legalizing euthanasia in New Zealand. Martin, with help from Nitschke, had published a book about killing her mother, and how to kill other vulnerable patients. Martin was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months in prison.
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Tens of thousands of New Zealanders owe Brian Johnston and Death As A Salesman a debt of thanks. When The New Zealand Parliament considered legalizing ‘assisted suicide’ in 2000, few in New Zealand were prepared. We sent for Brian Johnston to meet with legislators and he spear-head a nation-wide educational campaign in the media. After a media sweep, Brian was principle speaker at a legislative inquiry hearing, and debated the sponsor Peter Brown.?His book and documentary were given to each MP. I know for a certainty that that effort made the difference?because many had been uncertain. We stopped that bill by a single vote.
Bernard Moran
Voice for Life, New Zeland

There are very few appropriate resources in this fight. I know. In March of 1999 the government of South Africa tried to quietly legalize euthanasia in the name of ‘suicide.’ With estimates that 35% of adults in S.A. have AIDS this was to be the government’s ‘final solution.’ I organized a tour that included distribution of Death As A Salesman through all of South Africa’s Law and Medical campuses. We also held a special symposium in Pretoria. The newspapers suddenly took notice of what all this meant. And when the truth hit the fan, the government quickly and quietly withdrew the measure. But it was silently on its way to becoming law. Making the facts known; that’s what does it. And Death As A Salesman does it.
Dr. Albu Van Eeden
President of Doctors for Life, South Africa